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    Welcome to the Tri-County Drift Hoppers

Tue, Nov 10 (5:02 PM)

Its a busy time of the year for the Club.

We are getting ready for this coming riding season, all the sign stakes and field stakes have been painted florescent orange.

Some of our trail sections have been completely marked and signed and ready to ride. Some sections are being done this week, and others still need to be completed.

Certain areas still have standing crops, so signing will be done as the fields are harvested.

And as of now, all the re-routes that we had to do are completed. Some of these re-routes we got considerable help from the landowners.

One of the bridges in our network was replaced, several others were repaired for this season.

Our groomers are being gone over and serviced, and one of the tracks is being replaced on the one John Deere unit.

This mild weather is providing decent trail signing conditions.

Our regular monthly meeting for this month is next Thursday, November 19th. 7:30 pm. at the Arcade VFW Post.......The place with the Tank in front.

Fri, Oct 16 (3:45 PM)

The Club had our October monthly Club meeting last night. Trail work has been on-going, and it seems that when we think we have caught up, another group of project pops up, In several areas of our trail network, bridge work still needs to be accomplished,( from start to finish) some culvert work needs to be completed, moving gravel and fill into places, filling in some low areas, draining some wet areas, sign stakes need to be primed and painted. Some trail re-routes are planned, brush needs to be cut and cleared, Bull-dozing and leveling need to be done. Signs and markers need to be inventoried. Groomer maintenance has to be started, along with the on-going maintenance on our trail making / trail maintenance vehicles.... they are getting a real work out this time of year.

Maps can be purchased at:

  • Arcade VFW - Main Street, Arcade ..... Trail C3-C
  • Pioneer MotorSports - Rte 16, Chaffee .... Trail C3-A
  • Crabb Oil & Propane - Main Street, Arade .... Trail C3-C
You are also welcome to attend one of our meetings at the VFW on 3rd Thurs of month @ 7:30.