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    Welcome to the Tri-County Drift Hoppers

Wed, Sept 10 (4:47 PM)

Fall snowmobile Grass Drags: Oct 12th ... gates open at 7:30!!

Sat, Mar 15 (11:38 AM)

I don't know about you - but Mother Nature sure seems cruel! It looks white outside - BUT it's a MIRAGE!! We have very little snow, a lot of dirt, rocks coming through and waterholes. Even the once ice spots are now a slushy mess. Such a shame. But trails are closed.

Hopefully you got some good miles in this year. Found some new trails, new places to eat and new friends! I know we did. It was a terrific season to ride. Boy were the trails, all of them groomed awesome. THANX for all your hard work- EVERYONE. All the clubs, members, riders, gas stops, food stops, etc. etc. What a blast we had this year....

Maps can be purchased at:

  • Arcade VFW - Main Street, Arcade ..... Trail C3-C
  • Pioneer MotorSports - Rte 16, Chaffee .... Trail C3-A
  • Crabb Oil & Propane - Main Street, Arade .... Trail C3-C
  • Chaffee Flatts Restaurant - Rte 16, Chaffee .... Trail S36
You are also welcome to attend one of our meetings at the VFW on 3rd Wed of month @ 7:30.