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    Welcome to the Tri-County Drift Hoppers

Sat, Feb 13 (10:24 AM)

Update 2/13/16.....Saturday morning the trails where checked out and there are just too many wind blown fields that have no to little cover. As of now the trails are still CLOSED. The good news is the cold is here, now we just need the snow to fall and stay put. Let's hope more snow is on the way.

Fri, Feb 05 (11:47 AM)

2.5.2016 - For those looking - Trails are closed. Need snow. Do not ride, Respect our Landowners.

Maps can be purchased at:

  • Arcade VFW - Main Street, Arcade ..... Trail C3-C
  • Pioneer MotorSports - Rte 16, Chaffee .... Trail C3-A
  • Crabb Oil & Propane - Main Street, Arade .... Trail C3-C
You are also welcome to attend one of our meetings at the VFW on 3rd Thurs of month @ 7:30.