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    Latest News

Mon, Jan 25 (5:43 AM)

Monday 1/25/16 update....Trails are closed due to the upcoming warm up for a couple days. I hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend. Make sure to respect all the different clubs decisions on the trails.

Thur, Jan 21 (9:48 AM)

Thursday 1/21/16 update. Club meeting tonight, come out and ride to the meeting while the snow is here. Trails are a little thin and still in early season conditions. Come join us and find out what is happening at the start of the new season. Listen to some interesting stories:

Get the groomers on to pack the trails They said

Use the groomers to pack in the mud holes They said

Everything will Freeze up nice They said

Do not wait for more snow use what you have They said

Call for a Dozer to pull out Groomer He said

Come get the real story at the meeting

Mon, Jan 18 (9:52 AM)

Monday 1/18/16 Update...Trails OPEN with Limited and un-groomed conditions. I know there are a bunch of people off today, but Please be careful out there. There will be some spots that melted away that will be covered with fresh snow. Our system only has about 6" fresh snow now, but lets hope it will keep coming and the groomers can get out.

Wed, Jan 13 (1:39 PM)

The word everyone has been waiting for Trails OPEN today 1/13/16 this afternoon. Now the BUT, be very careful for the first trip out there. We would recommend riding in the daylight until trails get established and the groomers get a chance to pan. Trails will be in LIMITED status. There are some re-routes and will be wet spots until this can get things get packed down and a chance to freeze. If things go as planned, we will try to pan with the snow coming and hope to get a little base established before the warm up on the weekend. Do not forget our Chicken BBQ Sunday at the Arcade VFW, snow or no snow stop in!

Tue, Jan 12 (5:55 AM)

We have noticed the the "join Club" button is not working for some, we are working on getting that fixed. In the meantime please copy the following link into your browser to join:

**updated to take you right to Drifthoppers**

This will take you to the NYSSA site and scroll down to Driffthoppers.

Sorry for the inconvience..

Wed, Dec 16 (10:32 AM)

Our Trails officially open Wed. Dec. 23rd, 2015.

When we do get enough snow to ride, and our trails do open, Please be respectful to our landowners by staying between the stakes and on the marked trail.

Wed, Mar 11 (8:12 AM)

As of 3/11/15 Trails are CLOSED. Due to the warm temperatures over night and water starting to pond our trails will have to close down until colder weather comes back. There is still a fair base and we maybe able to come back for some spring conditions. Thanks to all of our volunteers for the extra effort this year. Remember, there will still be work to be done even if the season is over. We must all pitch in together to clean up the trails to make them better than when we started this season. If you run across any garbage please take a minute and help clean it up. Thanks to everyone!