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Sat, Jan 24 (8:55 AM)

Thank you to everyone that help to support our Chicken BBQ last weekend! It was great to see the big turnout. We are still waiting on mother nature to send some more snow our way, trails have been open, but in early season conditions. The team has been working on the race in Feb., but the weather forecast for the next 10 days needs to improve. We think the insurance issue has been taken care of,, sign in and pit cost will be the same as last year. No ISR membership would be required. We will keep an eye on the weather and make the call soon. With the change to insurance and battle with the weather our computer/light system could be up for sale to allow the next group of people to carry on with races in the area. We would like to see a couple races still be run in the area and would be willing to help a group get started or off on the right foot.

Sun, Jan 11 (9:20 PM)

Now that the season of riding has begun (ya!), we turn our thoughts to the Snow Drags in Feb. As a club we have some concerns with the new requirements from ISR on insurance for this coming year. We would like your comments on how this might impact your participation at the event. As we understand, the cost for insurance is price two ways: 1st being a yearly fee of $150/Racer and $100/crew member, 2nd $25/day for either racer or crew member in the pits. All of this money would have to be sent in for the insurance. This would be on top of what the standard fee for insurance the club has to have, (which they say will be a little cheaper). The club feels we could not add an additional charge to enter the pits, so we would have to try and make ends meet with the spectator and food sales to cover the rest of the cost of putting on the race. In the past we have had AWSOME partners that have provided sponsorship to help with our fixed cost, but this may be asking too much. We are not looking to make a fortune, but for all the work the club puts into these races, we should be able to put some money back into the trails. Please send us your comments by email or face book so we can gage your thought. We have a meeting coming up 1/15/15 so send us in your comments!

Also all Racers and Crew entering the pits MUST have an ISR number that will require you to reg online before the race.

Drifthoppers Email

ISR link

Thanks for all your support


Fri, Jan 09 (4:42 PM)

Fire them up!..The season has started. The trails are open, but please use caution for this first weekend. The snow is windblown in some areas and corn stubble needs to get knocked down. There will be some areas that have little cover . Groomers are out to blaze a trail and help knock down the bigger "clumps". Please stay on the marked trails and help get the base started.....Have fun and be safe!

Thur, Jan 08 (1:24 PM)

Bring on the SNOW. Our area was just south of the snow on Wednesday and Thursday, along with a wind that wanted to blow away all that nice white gold. The trail crews will be out looking things over, well have to wait and see if we get the snow they are calling for on Friday. Hopefully we might be able to get this season started! The good and bad thing will be the cold weather, less water holes, but some rough ground until a base is built up..Well get you posted

Updated 1/8/15.

Fri, Dec 19 (2:31 PM)

With the weather not cooperating - trails remain closed. We have corn stalks up, fields with tractor ruts... please - when mother nature does give us some cold weather and snow - be careful and cautious....

Merry Christmas all!!!

Go do your snow dances.....

Wed, Sept 10 (4:45 PM)

It's race time again!!!

Smokin Pumpkin Grass Drags: Oct 12th 2014

Hope to see you there......

Winter Race: Feb 08, 2015

Mon, Mar 10 (7:24 AM)

TRAIL CLOSED C3 from railroad in Machais to Bixby hill rd. There is a main sap line across trail with big round bales to protect it. That would be from intersection CT87S to CT84S. Please use trail from CT87S to CT96S for your detour. Also between Rt.98N and Curriers Rd (Snack Shack Trail) there is an onsite reroute around the maple lines. Maple season will be in full swing even if the trails open up this week, please be careful and respect the landowners property or we will lose the trails for more than just maple season.