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Wed, Mar 11 (8:12 AM)

As of 3/11/15 Trails are CLOSED. Due to the warm temperatures over night and water starting to pond our trails will have to close down until colder weather comes back. There is still a fair base and we maybe able to come back for some spring conditions. Thanks to all of our volunteers for the extra effort this year. Remember, there will still be work to be done even if the season is over. We must all pitch in together to clean up the trails to make them better than when we started this season. If you run across any garbage please take a minute and help clean it up. Thanks to everyone!

Wed, Mar 04 (11:42 AM)

Good Wednesday afternoon. We made it through the mini warm up fairly well. Our area received 1-3 of snow and enough ice and rain to take that back away. The trails should be in good shape once the groomers get back over everything. We are asking for you to give the trails a little break this afternoon and tonight until things set back up. The groomers will be out during the day and night to get everything back in shape. Hard to believe that once the trials opened this year they have never closed down. It should be a good end of the week and weekend to ride. Just watch out for changes in the trails and for access roads being opened up by Windmill/Farmers/Sugar Bushes as everyone it getting anxious to get out and check on things from the long winter. Have Fun and be safe.

Fri, Feb 27 (9:41 AM)

What an intense Western New York winter!

Like a lot of clubs this year we have had some groomer mechanical issues. The building of new tracks for the JD went great until it was noticed the vendor drill one of the belt off a bit and it had to be taken back apart (300+ bolts later). This machine will be back up and going by first of the week. The other JD had starter issues, but parts will be in today (Friday). All you red fans dont think the red groomer has been immune to breakage; there have been a few cylinder issues on that one too. A huge shout out to all the people that have spent time wrenching and grooming to keep things in shape. There were 6+ people helping build the tracks!

Even with the above issues all our trails have been groomed this week and are in great shape to start the weekend.

The Snack Shack will be open this Saturday (2/28/15) from 11 to 3. This might be the last weekend if it starts to warm up for Maple Season to start. We will be shifting gears to get ready for that. A note to go along with that, watch out for access and woods roads being opened up by landowners as they start their season to.

Be safe, Have fun, and please stay on the trails!

Wed, Jan 28 (9:14 AM)

It is with a sense of sadness that we have to announce that our Winter Snow Drags will be CANCELED. The club would like to thank everyone that contributed to our races for the last 10+ years; you have provided much needed help for our trails and a great atmosphere for local racing in our area. At this time it looks like we will be putting our Port-a-Tree Timing system and track support stuff up for sale. We would welcome helping another club or group to keep local racing going. We had a great run and will have many memories to look back on and do some bar stool racing. Without our sponsors over the years we could have never kept it going this long. To all of them a HUGE Thank You: Crabb Oil, Pioneer Motorsport, Previtys Auto Wrecking, Upstate Automotive Group, Schwabb Aggregates, Kevin Klispie Motorsports, Performance Transmissions, Jan-Cen, Hebler Sales and Service, Willey Well Drilling,All Around Performance and any others I missed. If anyone has any questions or might know someone interested in the light system give us a call or drop a e-mail: or

Sat, Jan 24 (8:55 AM)

Thank you to everyone that help to support our Chicken BBQ last weekend! It was great to see the big turnout. We are still waiting on mother nature to send some more snow our way, trails have been open, but in early season conditions. The team has been working on the race in Feb., but the weather forecast for the next 10 days needs to improve. We think the insurance issue has been taken care of,, sign in and pit cost will be the same as last year. No ISR membership would be required. We will keep an eye on the weather and make the call soon. With the change to insurance and battle with the weather our computer/light system could be up for sale to allow the next group of people to carry on with races in the area. We would like to see a couple races still be run in the area and would be willing to help a group get started or off on the right foot.

Sun, Jan 11 (9:20 PM)

Now that the season of riding has begun (ya!), we turn our thoughts to the Snow Drags in Feb. As a club we have some concerns with the new requirements from ISR on insurance for this coming year. We would like your comments on how this might impact your participation at the event. As we understand, the cost for insurance is price two ways: 1st being a yearly fee of $150/Racer and $100/crew member, 2nd $25/day for either racer or crew member in the pits. All of this money would have to be sent in for the insurance. This would be on top of what the standard fee for insurance the club has to have, (which they say will be a little cheaper). The club feels we could not add an additional charge to enter the pits, so we would have to try and make ends meet with the spectator and food sales to cover the rest of the cost of putting on the race. In the past we have had AWSOME partners that have provided sponsorship to help with our fixed cost, but this may be asking too much. We are not looking to make a fortune, but for all the work the club puts into these races, we should be able to put some money back into the trails. Please send us your comments by email or face book so we can gage your thought. We have a meeting coming up 1/15/15 so send us in your comments!

Also all Racers and Crew entering the pits MUST have an ISR number that will require you to reg online before the race.

Drifthoppers Email

ISR link

Thanks for all your support


Fri, Jan 09 (4:42 PM)

Fire them up!..The season has started. The trails are open, but please use caution for this first weekend. The snow is windblown in some areas and corn stubble needs to get knocked down. There will be some areas that have little cover . Groomers are out to blaze a trail and help knock down the bigger "clumps". Please stay on the marked trails and help get the base started.....Have fun and be safe!