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Fri, Dec 19 (2:31 PM)

With the weather not cooperating - trails remain closed. We have corn stalks up, fields with tractor ruts... please - when mother nature does give us some cold weather and snow - be careful and cautious....

Merry Christmas all!!!

Go do your snow dances.....

Wed, Sept 10 (4:45 PM)

It's race time again!!!

Smokin Pumpkin Grass Drags: Oct 12th 2014

Hope to see you there......

Winter Race: Feb 08, 2015

Mon, Mar 10 (7:24 AM)

TRAIL CLOSED C3 from railroad in Machais to Bixby hill rd. There is a main sap line across trail with big round bales to protect it. That would be from intersection CT87S to CT84S. Please use trail from CT87S to CT96S for your detour. Also between Rt.98N and Curriers Rd (Snack Shack Trail) there is an onsite reroute around the maple lines. Maple season will be in full swing even if the trails open up this week, please be careful and respect the landowners property or we will lose the trails for more than just maple season.

Sun, Mar 02 (10:17 AM)

Morning!! Trails are OPEN! Limited conditions, watch for rocks, trees, rough fields - but have a terrific time... It's still snowing this am, so hopefully they'll only improve throughout the week. Ride safe, have fun and remember to join a club...

Wed, Feb 19 (7:16 AM)

Wed. update 2/19/14....Trails closing at Noon today due to the warm up and call for rain this afternoon. We are rolling the dice to try to keep as much snow on the trails as possible to see if we can weather the next few days. Hope everyone had some great rides in last week. Remember the February club meeting will be this Thursday (2/20/14) at VFW....New day starting this month.

Wed, Feb 05 (12:51 PM)

02/05/2014 - Trail's are OPEN - with limited conditions. Please be careful with cornfields, etc. There still isn't a lot of coverage.... Happy Trails!

Sun, Feb 02 (9:32 PM)

Due to a tough winter for the Drifthoppers' area we will have to cancel the Winter Snow Drags for next weekend (Feb 9th), at this time we do not have a snow date. We were holding out hope, but the rain over the weekend sealed the fate of the race. The track is now in no shape to even try to run on the grass/frozen dirt. let us hope the February will be the month to get our trails back in shape. Since lake Erie froze, our area has been on the outside of any snowfall.