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    Trail Conditions

Mon, Mar 28 (9:40 AM)

Our signs have been taken down, the stakes and trail markers have been pulled, and the groomers have been put away for the summer.

As we finalize this 2015 -2016 winter season, The Club whats to thank all the people that helped out with the trail work equipment maintenance and club events..!!

Our volunteers are the back bone of the Club, and the Officers and Board of Directors greatly appreciate everyone who volunteers and donates their time to help the Club.

We couldn't have the trails without those that help.


Thank You.


To all all those that opened up our home page, Please have a safe and enjoyable summer, Check back in the fall for when we start to prepare for 2016/17 season..!!

Mon, Feb 29 (3:10 PM)

What kind of trail report can we provide... other then : Trails are closed.

What poor season...... This crazy roller-coaster weather has all the Western New York trails closed. Maybe by some chance we will get a March Nor-Easter and be able to get one more ride in.

Sat, Feb 20 (5:36 PM)

The sun, the wind, and especially these crazy warm temperatures have forced us to close our trails. Keep your fingers crossed for colder temperatures this coming week and some lake effect snow.

Tue, Feb 16 (9:37 AM)

Our Trails are OPEN..!! Please stay on the trail between the stakes, Please be safe out there. Take it slow... Watch out for any water holes.

Sat, Feb 13 (10:24 AM)

Update 2/13/16.....Saturday morning the trails where checked out and there are just too many wind blown fields that have no to little cover. As of now the trails are still CLOSED. The good news is the cold is here, now we just need the snow to fall and stay put. Let's hope more snow is on the way.

Fri, Feb 05 (11:47 AM)

2.5.2016 - For those looking - Trails are closed. Need snow. Do not ride, Respect our Landowners.

Mon, Jan 25 (5:40 AM)

Monday 1/25/16 update....Trails are closed due to the upcoming warm up for a couple days. I hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend. Make sure to respect all the different clubs decisions on the trails.