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    Trail Conditions

Fri, Dec 19 (2:33 PM)

With the weather not cooperating - trails remain closed. We have corn stalks up, fields with tractor ruts... please - when mother nature does give us some cold weather and snow - be careful and cautious.... Merry Christmas all!!! Go do your snow dances.....

Thur, Nov 20 (8:21 AM)

club meeting cancelled for 11/20/14 for safety concerns due to weather next meeting dec 18 2014

Wed, Sept 10 (4:47 PM)

Fall snowmobile Grass Drags: Oct 12th ... gates open at 7:30!!

Sat, Mar 15 (11:38 AM)

I don't know about you - but Mother Nature sure seems cruel! It looks white outside - BUT it's a MIRAGE!! We have very little snow, a lot of dirt, rocks coming through and waterholes. Even the once ice spots are now a slushy mess. Such a shame. But trails are closed.

Hopefully you got some good miles in this year. Found some new trails, new places to eat and new friends! I know we did. It was a terrific season to ride. Boy were the trails, all of them groomed awesome. THANX for all your hard work- EVERYONE. All the clubs, members, riders, gas stops, food stops, etc. etc. What a blast we had this year....

Sat, Mar 15 (8:44 AM)

Sat. 3/15/14....trails are closed due to yesterdays warm up and melt off. Lots of snow was lost in the open areas. We'll have to wait and see what the end of the weekend brings.

Thur, Mar 13 (8:54 AM)

Thur. 3/13/13......Trials OPENED!..The system has 8-10 inches of fresh snow, but remember it was over 50 degrees the day before, so there will be some water underneath in places. Please as remember the reroutes due to some maple tubing lines being put up by landowners. There also could be more tractors and UTV's in the woods due to maple season. Watch out for downed limbs and any wash outs. Groomers have not had a chance to get out yet this morning.

Mon, Mar 10 (7:24 AM)

TRAIL CLOSED C3 from railroad in Machais to Bixby hill rd. There is a main sap line across trail with big round bales to protect it. That would be from intersection CT87S to CT84S. Please use trail from CT87S to CT96S for your detour. Also between Rt.98N and Curriers Rd (Snack Shack Trail) there is an onsite reroute around the maple lines. Maple season will be in full swing even if the trails open up this week, please be careful and respect the landowners property or we will lose the trails for more than just maple season.