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    Trail Conditions

Sat, Mar 18 (1:31 PM)

Sorry for the late update... But as of 5:00 pm yesterday, our trails are closed.

Thur, Mar 16 (10:22 AM)

Our trails are open. Please watch for detours and re-routes, Follow the signs and markers. please ride with caution.

Wed, Mar 15 (8:04 AM)

Our trails are open..! Please stay on the trail between the stakes. Take it easy, Rode with caution.!

Sun, Mar 12 (10:08 PM)

......Big snow forecasted..!!!

Sat, Feb 18 (12:41 AM)

Our trails are closed.!

Thur, Feb 16 (9:24 AM)

We received enough snow to re-open our trails..!!! Expect poor / wet conditions. Our trails will only be open today and tomorrow.... they will close on Saturday due to forecasted temps in the 50's. Please ride with caution.

Wed, Feb 15 (9:40 AM)

Our trails are still closed. The little bit of snow that we received is falling on wet, warm ground, and then with possible temps near 50* this weekend, we are unable to re-open the trails.

Think snow.