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    Trail Conditions

Fri, Feb 05 (11:47 AM)

2.5.2016 - For those looking - Trails are closed. Need snow. Do not ride, Respect our Landowners.

Mon, Jan 25 (5:40 AM)

Monday 1/25/16 update....Trails are closed due to the upcoming warm up for a couple days. I hope everyone had a fun and safe weekend. Make sure to respect all the different clubs decisions on the trails.

Fri, Jan 22 (8:31 AM)

Friday / Weekend update 1.22.16 Overall , Our trails are in decent shape. Our groomers have been out trying to smooth things out. Please ride with caution. Corn fields are rough, as are some of the woods sections, a few water holes in some areas, but take it slow and they are nothing that you can't drive around, Yes.... in some places your skis will get a bit muddy, but its not the mud up on the windshield type of water, go slow. Fields are decent. Some trails are real nice, groomed flat, good trail base. Arcade / Java / Eagle / Bliss / Frankinville have good snow cover. Holland's trails are closed. Sardinia is open but limited. North of Bliss .. you run out of the snow, stay south. Frankinville is good.

The new Wyoming county maps at .

Arcade VFW - Main Street, Arcade ..... Trail C3-C

Pioneer MotorSports - Rte 16, Chaffee .... Trail C3-A

Crabb Oil & Propane - Main Street, Arcade .... Trail C3-C

The New maps are also at other establishments thru-out the County.

Please ride slow, there will be a lot of other riders out tonight and this weekend, watch out for wet areas or "pot holes" that are out there, take it easy, ride safe.... enjoy our trails.

Thur, Jan 21 (9:47 AM)

Thursday 1/21/16 update. Club meeting tonight, come out and ride to the meeting while the snow is here. Trails are a little thin and still in early season conditions. Come join us and find out what is happening at the start of the new season. Listen to some interesting stories:

Get the groomers on to pack the trails They said

Use the groomers to pack in the mud holes They said

Everything will Freeze up nice They said

Do not wait for more snow use what you have They said

Call for a Dozer to pull out Groomer He said

Come get the real story at the meeting

Wed, Jan 20 (12:10 PM)

A couple reports coming in from riders who were out on a 60 mile loop riding our trails... Overall...snow cover is decent. But still thin in areas, and some of the fields are wind blown. Our trails are open and rideable but please use caution and ride safe. Stay between the markers.

Our groomers have been out, last night and again this morning, Our guys are trying to work with what we have. Packing them down and getting them to freeze up.

A real big THANK YOU goes out to all those that helped the Club and to those who came for dinners to our chicken Bbq last Sunday...!! Great chicken and a good time was had by all. It was a huge success for the Club... Thank You to all..!!!

Club meeting tomorrow night : Arcade VFW Post, 7:30 pm.

Mon, Jan 18 (9:49 AM)

Monday 1/18/16 Update...Trails OPEN with Limited and un-groomed conditions. I know there are a bunch of people off today, but Please be careful out there. There will be some spots that melted away that will be covered with fresh snow. Our system only has about 6" fresh snow now, but lets hope it will keep coming and the groomers can get out.

Fri, Jan 15 (7:21 AM)

Friday 1/15/16 Update....Trails Closed

Our trails will be closing at 8am on 1/15/2016. This is a multi club decision. Not knowing what the temps are going to be and if we get rain, we'd like to save anything that's already packed down. Please respect this decision and stay off the trails until further notice. Thank you